Biodiversity on the farm


Nate Anderson is not your typical farmer. Sure he grows row crops and has a small head of beef cattle, but the amazing thing about his farm, is not the farm at all. It's how biodiverse it is. Nathan has worked very hard to turn marginal acres into habitat for wildlife to come back to his farm and thrive. With the help of Pheasants Forever's agronomy tools, he is able to identify even more acres that he can convert into habitat for wildlife, while benefitting his farm. These photos accompany the story told on film, The Balance, created with Purina and Pheasants Forever.

Harvest Time

Gerber Foods // West Michigan, USA

Gerber foods is always seeking the highest quality ingredients and some of those crops they find in their own backyard. Michigan is an optimal climate for lots of fruits including apples and also a huge producer of peas. Peas are a crop that requires very special attention to harvest, many times with a narrow window of a few hours to pick them at their best.